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Low Sloped Roof

Low Sloped Roof

Most times, people believe there are two roofing options, pitched roofs, and flat roofs. In actuality, no roofs are flat, a flat roof would collect water, snow and debris creating hazards like collapsing homes. Seemingly flat roofs are known in the roofing industry as low sloped roofs. When you look closely, the slope in a low sloped roof is so slight it is almost indetectable. Similar to the design of a pitched roof, the design of a low sloped roof is created to funnel environmental liquids and waste into your gutter system.

When considering a low sloped roof, it is important to take your location into account. Homes in areas with heavy rain or slow fall are more susceptible to roof damage. Low sloped roofs have adecline that’s much more gradual than a pitched roof, this makes funneling debris into gutters a much slower process leading to potential structural issues and significantly decreasing the lifespan of a low sloped roof. To put things into perspective, the lifespan of a low sloped roof is up to 20 years.

Finish Options

For Low Sloped Roofs

Low Sloped Roofs

There are 8 different options of waterproofing membranes that can be installed on a low sloped roofing system:

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