Steep slope

Steep slope

If you’ve ever seen a child draw a home with a triangle for a roof, that should give you a pretty good idea of what a pitched roof looks like. Pitched roofs are most popular in rural, and suburban areas, and are triangular in design allowing them to funnel water, snow and debris downwards. Compared to slope roofs, pitched roofs require less money and maintenance over time.

Pitch Roofs create a peak at the top of a home. This peak adds to the aesthetic of the home both externally and internally. Internally, you might decide to add beams, or a staircase with a second floor overlooking the first, or even a fireplace with a tall statement overmantle, these design features look great in a home with a pitched roof. If your goals are centered around practicality rather than aesthetics, a pitched roof allows space for attic storage, a kids playroom, or an extra guest bedroom.

When considering a low sloped roof, it is important to take your location into account. Homes in areas with heavy rain or slow fall are more susceptible to roof damage. Low sloped roofs have adecline that’s much more gradual than a pitched roof, this makes funneling debris into gutters a much slower process leading to potential structural issues and significantly decreasing the lifespan of a low sloped roof. To put things into perspective, the lifespan of a low sloped roof is up to 20 years.

Steep slope

There are 3 different options that can be installed on a steep-sloped roof:

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