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Commercial Roof Maintenance

Commercial Roof Maintenance

Developing a maintenance plan is one of the easiest ways to extend the lifetime of your commercial rooftop. Regular inspections help to catch potential issues before they happen to save you time and money on costly repairs. Waterproof inspections are designed to identify, fix, and prevent future issues from occurring. Oftentimes large facilities have different companies entering and exiting their rooftop. This can be for BMU maintenance, window cleaning, servicing electric units, osha inspections, fall protection installations, elevator maintenance, etc. For this reason, we highly advise that property owners and managers keep a roof log on hand. A roof log allows you to see who was on your roof at what time and provides a space for them to note their findings if any. Over time, roofing damages are inevitable.

Property owners and managers are well aware of the many roofing issues that can arise and the costly repairs tied to those issues. Implementing an effective roof maintenance plan is key to catching damages in their infancy before they lead to internal property damage which can sometimes be difficult to locate.


Proactive vs. Reactive Roof Maintenance

When it comes to roof maintenance there are two routes, the first is reactive roof maintenance. This is when a damage is caused and now needs repair, replacement, or additional internal inspections. The second route is proactive roof maintenance, this entails taking steps prior to the damage. Proactive roof maintenance decreases the likelihood of large or unrealized damages. Proactive roof maintenance is the best way to avoid leaks, internal water damage, and mold. In most cases, once the mold is realized, a full deconstruction, mold remediation, and reconstruction of the area is needed. Depending on the size of the contaminated area, this can be a nightmare for tenants, and disastrous for the pockets of property owners. Responsible property owners and managers are wise to take the proactive route to roof maintenance. In the long run, the price of regular inspections and minor repairs are greatly outweighed by the price of repairing complex, hidden, water damage issues. Roofs left unmaintained for too long may be in need of entire roof replacements. Proactive roof maintenance can extend your roof’s life span up to 21 years! Get the most value
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Roof Maintenance Plan Checklist

Developing a maintenance plan is necessary for helping to avoid service interruptions and excessively high repair costs. A twice-annual, in the Fall, to plan for the Winter, and in the Spring, to see if there were any damages created during the winter.

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