Metal’s resistance to fire, mildew, insects, and decay make Aluminum pitched roofs very durable lasting 20-50 years after installation. In addition to Aluminum’s fireproof qualities, Aluminum reflects and deflects heat from the sun allowing homeowners to save on air conditioning costs. This helps prevent heat and air conditioning from escaping through your aluminum roof. Aluminum’s ability to attract and reflect the sun, means it is able to break down snowfall at incredible rates. Most aluminum pitched roofs consist of panels making installation faster and easier. Aluminum is lightweight meaning that there is less roof support needed structurally giving architects, contractors, and people building their home themselves more space to be creative with their design concepts. It is important to note that aluminum roofs can sometimes lead to unwanted noises. While some may find the gentle tapping of rain therapeutic, others may not. This concern is especially prevalent in areas prone to hail storms. Noise can be minimized or even eliminated with addition of sound-deadening insulation and solid plywood


➦ Fire Resistant

➦ Lightweight

➦ Efficient at Melting Snowfall

➦ Industrial Aesthetic

➦ Deflects Solar Heat


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